In August 2018, I launched the Best Me Motivation Month; a free 4 week workout guide shared via the closed Facebook Group with accompanying videos and weekly challenges. Over 3000 people took part, and I was SO proud of the community and support it created which has lived on past the 4 weeks.

Here’s an excerpt from the Introduction:

This little project came about because I had personally been lacking in Motivation this Summer to stay not only consistent, but progressive with my training…I was getting in an exercise rut. I shared this on social media, and you guys reached out and told me you were struggling too! For the rest of that day, I kept thinking about how I as a Personal Trainer with a presence on Social Media could utilise my skills to help motivate us; you AND me to get excited about exercise again! 

So, I had this idea to create a FREE motivation challenge that we could take part in for the next 4 weeks.

This is NOT about transformations, diets, or before and afters.

This challenge is all about helping all of us to stay consistent, try new things, get out of our comfort zones and find lots of new ways to stay motivated beyond our aesthetic goals.

I was overwhelmed at the response and it affirmed my decision to only put out FREE workout content online. I am passionate about making health and fitness as accessible to all, and therefore I consciously designed this guide so that it could be done at home, in the park or at the gym so it could be adapted to each individuals lifestyle. This was also the reason for including 3 workouts per week as I wanted it to be a realistic but flexible commitment, that each person could fit into their busy lives.

Due to the success of the Guide, we are currently working on bringing out Best Me Motivation Month 2.0 in January 2019 and it is most definitely going to be bigger and better.

And in the meantime, please feel free to use the original guide! Repeat it 3 month in a row and track your strength and fitness increases and let us know how you’re getting on via the Facebook Group.