I want you to be happy. I want me to be happy. And I want to use this corner of the internet to share more of what makes me happy, from the trivial to the profound in the hope it may brighten your day. Sometimes that might be posting anything from my skincare favourites to deeper discussions on mental health. 

After all, health and fitness are part of my life, but they are not my whole life. And I hope that is the same for you too?


As I head towards 30 (I’m 28), I have become increasingly happy and comfortable in my own skin. It’s not been an overnight thing as I spent most of my life really wanting and really trying to be liked. However over the past few years I have established a strong sense of self worth and esteem thanks to being able to make my passion my work, having positive people around me and investing in personal development.

This has given me the confidence to express myself through things like clothes and makeup, but it’s also really pushed me to progress my career, have opinions and share my new business venture with you.

Which is still scary FYI, I’m just trying to practice what I preach and do the things that make me feel uncomfortable as in the long term it will lead to progress.

Now don’t get me wrong, my life is NOT all roses (and actually I doubt anyones is?)!

But through it all, I am learning to put my happiness and mental health first and I hope I can encourage you to do the same.

I started the #BestMe hashtag a little over 18 months ago, when I wanted to get back to my ‘best’. It’s important to note that best does not mean perfection! Finding your #BestMe is about striking the balance of work, life, exercise and nutrition that makes you thrive so you can get the most from life.  And essentially, that’s what all my work comes back to; figuring out what works for you, so you feel great. Because when you feel great about yourself, that’s when things start slotting in to place.


From a fitness industry perspective, there is so much discussion about exercise and nutrition to feel your best, but I believe there is a missing link and that is looking after mental health. We need to flex our minds as much as our muscles, and need to feed our brains as well as our bodies. For so long we have looked to exercise as therapy, and whilst it may manage a symptom, I encourage everyone to talk to a professional to help get to the root cause. 

I believe that our mental health cannot and should not be ignored, and so I will continue to share this message across my platforms, with these key values and beliefs the foundations of what I do:

  1. To help break down the stigma around mental health through regular discussion.
  2. To encourage my clients and community to get the help they deserve as we can all benefit from professional support.
  3. To empower people on their body acceptance and confidence journey.
  4. To share that exercise and food can be forms of self care when approached with the right mindset.
  5. To discuss how lifestyle factors such as stress and sleep can affect our overall wellbeing.
  6. To promote self kindness and compassion as we figure it all out.